Tomori Nao


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Tomori Nao友利奈緒, who is she?

Her show is called Charlotte
She's a strong-willed, intelligent, aloof girl who has the special ability to make herself invisible (to one person). She's the student council president of her school and she's an excellent leader. She doesn't really trust people, and has a dark past behind her. Nao always gives it her all and does her uttermost best, even if she acts a little rude and often speaks her mind she's can still be incredibly kind. She also really loves food (especially meat) and her favourite band ZHIEND (Big fangirl!). She's often seen with her handycam and while she does like filming, she mostly uses it for student council duties (finding those with special abilities). She's a sweetheart with an attitude, and I love that a lot about her.

A gentle smile.
a great personality.
And a glutton.

My wife is just such an adorable and sexy girl

I just want to pamper her with food and see her be happy, I do love her so much!

Her fashion sense is great and adorable as well!

Although she's most often seen wearing her iconic red school uniform (the summer version makes her even more stunning!) Nao does love frilly outfits and ribbons as well! Her favourite colours are purple, blue, green and pink!

Even with her hair down or in a ponytail she is stunning!

Nao deserves a ton of
cute fanart!

Just look how incredibly adorable my wifey is!

Most of these are commissions, art drawn for me or my requests.

Some little facts about Nao that I love!

She has a lot to her and she's a very complex girl. Click on any of these cards to see the answers

About us

I first met Nao back in 2015 but it wasn't until 7 march 2020 that I fell deeply in love with my girl and married her.
As such, we now have been together for

There is just so
much I love about Nao

I love the way Nao plays with her camcorder when she's bored, the way she makes this cute thinking face and her thinking sounds, the way she stretches her vowels when she's excited about something, how she says っすssu instead of ですdesu, how she doesn't say words as polite, the way she looks when she's interested in something, how she tends to get on somebodies level to talk to them (e.g squatting down), how expressive she actually is, how fashionable she is, how funny she can be, how much of a glutton she is, how strong of a person
she truly is, and so on.

I really, really love her more
than anything or anyone in the world.

The way she spoke and her personality was what initially attracted me to Nao. She had such an interesting personality, she was a bit rude, intelligent but also hard to read. To me she felt like she was written as a human, not some anime character. I loved how she always spoke what's on her mind and how quick-witted she was, even her love for videography is something we have in common as well as both of us finding solace in music. Having gone through a somewhat similar past as her, I feel like I understand why she sheltered herself. I strive to make her happy, as she makes me happy. Even though she is not real, my love for her is.

Why should you draw my adorable wife?

Drawfags have experienced a 90% increase in their overall happiness after drawing my wife. Her beautiful, somewhat messy platinum blond hair and beautiful deep mesmerizing ocean blue eyes are simply a joy to draw!

And you will make her husband incredibly happy as well.

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I just love my wife so much!

So if you like, please draw her!